Property Management 


Interested in renting a property in the St. Tammany Parish area? New Day Properties, LLC. has the ability to find and show rental properties listed with any company. We help clients find the most affordable and satisfactory homes to rent. Also, at our office we assist clients with the application and lease process. Contact our office to go over your preferred monthly rate and the type of property you are interested in renting.


Managing property can sometimes be a difficult task for a homeowner. New Day Properties, LLC serves the real estate and property management needs of St. Tammany and Orleans Parish, and has been managing property for the last 6 years.

New Day Properties, LLC focuses on helping the homeowner receive the maximum return on investment for their property as well as pairing owners with the best possible tenants. Additionally, our office knows exactly what it takes to secure a home as a source of income for as long as possible. Our office handles the details of tenant selection, lease and rental collection, and property maintenance. If you are interested in renting out an apartment, a home, or a duplex, we will examine the property to help maximize it's potential. 

Listing a Rental Property

 Our office markets rental properties creatively through numerous channels to attract a wide audience. As our office receives applications we will conduct a thorough screening of the tenant through our screening process. Our screening process includes background and credit checks, so that we can provide the homeowner with the best list of potential tenants. 

After the tenant is chosen, our office will carry out the responsibilities of a landlord (i.e. overseeing repairs, inspections, rent collection, home maintenance,etc.). At New Day Properties, LLC we believe that we are not just the acting landlord over the homeowners property, but that we are entering into a relationship that will be mutually beneficial for everyone.